Language courses for foreign healthcare personnel

Unique teaching environment

Grimslöv College is located in the heart of the County of Kronoberg, set in a delightful area of Småland culture.

The college is close to a magnificent countryside recreation area, with features including Åsnen lake – home to a rich bird population – and canoeing and rambling routes. The historical town of Huseby is within easy walking distance, and the “Kingdom of Crystal” is less than an hour away by car. Växjö is also nearby, offering a rich selection of sights and activities for both aficionados of culture and pleasure seekers. The college has no religious or political ties and currently has around 130 students on its books. Here, everyone lives and interacts with everyone else – no matter what subject they may be reading. The teaching itself involves small groups, where the skills and goals of the students are taken into consideration. At Grimslöv College, we adapt our courses to suit our students – not the other way around.

Citat från Grimslöv Folkhögskola

It is both stimulating and fun to work with such goal-oriented, ambitious and positive students. Susanne Blomqvist, Teaching Officer

Citat från Grimslöv Folkhögskola

I am positively surprised. I did not imagine that the language lessons would run as quickly and as smoothly as they did. Or that they would produce such good results! Sven Johansson, Head of Pathology at Växjö Hospital

Citat från Grimslöv Folkhögskola

The practical training and the lessons about Swedish society made the change-over from study to work both natural and smooth. Since I left, I have often thought back on the warm, friendly atmosphere at the college. Ute Krüger, Pathologist, born in Germany

Leisure time

The college itself has two fully equipped sports halls, a modern gym and relaxation and music rooms. The delightful surroundings are ideal for outdoor pursuits such as fishing, paddling or relaxing strolls. If you would like to travel further afield, buses leave the college at regular intervals for the surrounding towns.


Our popular student accommodation – with fully furnished single and double rooms and a dining hall – has room for around 100 people and is located right next to the college. Students from all parts of Sweden live here together. Ask them why, and they will often reply that life in student residences is an important part of the college experience.

Travel connections

You can easily get to Grimslöv by car or bus. If you are arriving from far away, Växjö, with its airfield and railway station, is the travel connection hub you need. Bus connections also run from Älmhult and Alvesta, where most trains stop. The college is approximately 20 km from both Växjö and Alvesta.

Intensive courses in Swedish

Study courses with practical exercises

A number of years ago, we started to offer not only college courses, but also language courses for foreign healthcare staff who come to Sweden to work. These courses are intended for people who have no knowledge of Swedish at all, as well as for people who have been working in Sweden for a while and would like to improve their language skills. In addition to Swedish lessons, the courses include study visits, keep fit and leisure activities and general information about Swedish society. Every element is intended to support and encourage language learning. We also include other aspects that are good to know: information about buying a house, daycare, insurance, legal matters, etc. The teaching is customised to suit the individual student and his or her personal skills. Wherever possible, the course features periods of practical experience at a relevant workplace. The goal of the course is to help participants start working at their new jobs as quickly as possible.

Course contents

The course starts with fundamental lessons in Swedish, where the emphasis is very much on grammar, pronunciation, prosody and conversation. The language teaching is then gradually and progressively targeted towards “medical Swedish”. Throughout the period of study – and even after its conclusion – we maintain a continuous dialogue with the employers in question to make sure that our students’ language skills and actual work are progressing. While studying at the college, participants can live in the student accommodation linked to the college. If they choose to do so, they will have the chance to live and interact with the other students and staff and thus learn the language “as it is spoken”. Naturally, our language students are welcome to participate in the activities that the college organises for the other students. We accept new language students on a continuous basis, and the length and scope of the courses are determined in consultation with participants, teachers and employers.

List of subjects

Pronunciation and prosody
Swedish culture and traditions
Information about Swedish society
“Medical Swedish” (writing journals and medical histories, for example.) etc.

For an offer, contact Susanne Blomqvist on:
+46 470 76 37 00 or +46 736 22 91 99.

Language courses for foreign healthcare personnel